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We are very sad to bring you the news that David M0CNP is Silent Key.

David was an enthusiastic radio amateur who lived in our county at Cromer for many years before moving back to Cambridgshire.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with with David's family and friends.




Tonight a choice of TWO venues and activities for NARC Members!

Between 7-9pm in the 6th form common room at CNS we have a social plus informal round table with Tony G0MQG showing the basics of how to use an oscilloscope. Refreshments available.

And from 7pm at Thorpe Recreation Ground (St George Morse Park, Laundry Lane, Thorpe, NR7 0XQ) its our friendly foxhunt - a direction finding competition to locate the 'fox' somewhere in Norfolk using various RF Direction Finding gear - good practice for the Trophy hunt next month! The winner is the team who finds the fox using the shortest car mileage! If you like the sound of this but don't know what to do, come along to the ground at 7pm to see the hunters getting their gear out and testing ready for the first transmission at 7.30pm. The most appropriate map will be OS Land Ranger 134 and they will be within 20 miles of Norwich.... but which direction?!

Usual rules apply - teams must be a minimum of two with at least one charged mobile phone, and please be thinking of a team name!

Any queries for these, NARC Live or anything to do with the club please email me David G7URP - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have been asked by the family of M6IWD if I can deal with the radio equipment.
I have created a website to show the items.


Items can be brought to Barford or collected from my home in Dereham Norfolk

Regards Mark G0LGJ

GB2CW Morse Corner Week ending 24.06.22

This was on Southgate Amateur Radio News this week. I assume you all read it, but just in case you didn't....
Successful Morse code day in Open Air Museum Arnhem

VERON reports on June 12, radio amateurs gave information and demonstrations about 'Morse code as a means of communication' to the public of the Open Air Museum Arnhem.

The interest of the visitors was great. Many were extensively informed. The number of people who wanted to take an "aptitude test" was also above expectations. All in all a very successful day.

This activity was dominated by Morse code as intangible cultural heritage, a status that Morse code received in the Netherlands in 2014.

For this occasion, the grounds of the Open Air Museum was temporarily transformed into an improvised shack and demonstration space. This was already done on Saturday June 11 by Okko PH2CV, Ernst PA1EJO and Rob PA5V.

On Sunday, June 12, visitors to the farm-shack received information about amateur radio in general and Morse code in particular. Many guests had heard of Morse code, some "of the movie", others had to think of "the war".

Okko PH2CV or Rob PA5V meanwhile made CW-QSOs and used the special call sign PA6OLM (Open Air Museum). The speed with which they ended garnered great admiration, especially when they also gave explanations during signaling.

Guests could also try their own Morse skills. One of the instructors (Henk PA0HPV or Okko PH2CV) first told the candidate how he could convert his own nickname into Morse signs, without revealing that name to the instructor. Then he had to "signal" his name and the instructor had to "record". Of course, the graduates received a certificate to take home.

Morse sweat

The Open Air Museum had 2290 visitors on June 12, of whom the VERON team received about 400. Many of them were interested in Morse code for fifteen minutes or more. In addition, Henk PA0HPV awarded more than 40 Morse proficiency certificates. All this gave the team (Remy PA0AGF and XYL Geke, Okko PH2CV, Rob PA5V, Henk PA0HPV, Ernst PA1EJO and Erwin PE1CUP) a lot of satisfaction. This activity is well worth repeating.

Classes will recommence on Monday October 10th. The first class will be my headcopy class at 1000 local time on GB3NB. I hope there will be more joining the class in October.
Nothing new to report this week so the table is as follows:

.RufzXP 16Jun22

Send your new score to Jim G3YLA by Thursday evening at the latest. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It would be nice to see some more new entries in this table.




Seven ops were on the net this week, incluing Ken G3UDA who was on holiday in Norfolk last week. 


That's it, open the cage, play the music.
If you have any input, please email me.

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May the Morse be with you.


NARC Contest News (39) Friday 24th June 2022.

Welcome to week thirty nine of NARC’s contest news.

We are always on the lookout for new contesters to add to our team and welcome people of any ability who either wish to add their score to ours or develop their skills.

Note, NARC contest net takes place every Friday evening at 9pm clock time on 145.250MHz. This is a useful place to exchange contest information and get help with logging and station setup issues etc.

Last year we came first in the local club section of the CC contest series and also first in the RSGB Autumn series. We hope to repeat these successes and add to them this year.

The results of the 80m CC Data test of 6/6/22 were published on 20th June. Once again NARC have triumphed winning by over double the points of 2nd place Bristol.

The results of the 80m CC CW test of 15/6/22 were published on 23rd June. Once again NARC scored a spectacular win over second placed Bristol scoring 7186 points compared with 4512. Points stand at 122,111 to NARC and 66,086 to Bristol in the Local clubs section.

The 80m CC SSB test took place on the evening of 23rd June 2022. There was tremendous static on the band from storms over Belgium and London and activity was down plus several of our members were at Friedrichshafen. Despite this I'm aware of 10 NARC entries with some good scores.

The results ofthe 144MHz UKAC of 7/6/2022 were published on 21st June. NARC remain in 10th place in this series and 10th place in the overall UKAC rankings.

The results of the 70MHz CW test of 15/5/2022 were published on 23rd June. Entries were from G4LPP (9th in the open section) and G4DYC (10th in the restricted section) from NARC with Roger EI8KN 9th in the restricted section) (ex NARC) also showing up.

The 50MHz trophy contest took place on 19th June 2022. There were good Es conditions on offer into Europe but inter-G working was more difficult for us until the last half hour.

The 1.3GHz UKAC took place on Tuesday 21st June 2022. Conditions from the East of England to the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark were quite goos with several contacts being made across the North Sea. 93 Logs were received with 3 from NARC members.

Contest reports are always appreciated from any club members.

Upcoming contests in the next 2 weeks:-


Before each of the 2m and 70cm UKACs there is an FM leg starting 1 hour before for 55 minutes. I hear almost no activity in this from here but others may have more luck! Rules etc on RSGBCC site.

* Sun 26th June 0900-1200 50MHZ CW contest - part of the RSGB VHF championship.
* Sun 26th June 1400-1600 70MHz Cumulatives no.4
* Tue 28th June 1830-2130 SHF UKAC
* Sat 2nd July 1400 for 24h VHF National Field Day
* Sat 2nd July 1500 for 24h May be relevant - Turkey VHF/UHF contest CW, SSB and FM - 6m, 2m and 70cm - see WA7BNM
* Sun 3rd July 1100-1500 3rd 144MHz Backpackers
* Tue 5th July 1900-2139 144MHz UKAC
* Wed 6th July 1900-2100 144MHz FT8 AC

Also of interest for some on the vhf / uhf bands are the EU FT8 activity tests - see the following link for more information. These are on the first (144 MHz), second (432MHz) and third (1.3GHz) wednesdays of each month. 1700-2000 Hrs EU FT8 series website https://ft8activity.eu/index.php/en/


* Sat 25th June 1800 to Sun 26th Jun 2100 ARRL field day - All HF contest bands, All Modes - see WA7BNM
* Mon 27th June 1900-2030 RSGB FT4 Contest
* Fri 1st July 0000 for 24h RAC Canada Day Contest CW and Phone - see WA7BNM
* Sat 2nd July 1400 for 24h Marconi Memorial HF contest - CW - See WA7BNM
* Sat 2nd July 1500 for 24h Original QRP contest CW and SSB 80, 40 and 20m - see WA7BNM
* Mon 4th July 1900-2030 80m CC CW

Wednesdays throughout the year, CW ops 1 hour mini tests 13:00, 19:00, Thurs 03:00 and 07:00, exchange Name and G if not a member or CWOPS number if you are a member.
See CWOPS website for more details.
Also on Fridays 2000 to 2100 and Mondays 0000 to 0100 each week CWops runs the K1USN slow speed CW contests. Any speed up to 20wpm is acceptable. For rules see :- CW OPs SST page this contest is open to anyone.

All RSGB contest rules and further details plus log submission at RSGB contest site
Look to WA7BNM’s contest calendar for other contests and links to rules etc at WA7BNM weekly contest calendar
A link to John 2E0TWQ’s site’s Narc contest history page - 2E0TWQ's NARC contest results page

Submissions or comments for this news to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
73 until next week,

Phil G4LPP