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NARC / Norfolk radio activity diary (note all times are local and analogue voice unless stated)
Please let David G7URP have details of any other on-air nets or gatherings on any modes and frequencies so that we can help Norfolk stay connected and in company - my contact email address is below.
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Streamed live in two places from 19.30 BST every Wednesday whilst the club cannot meet:

General nets - run by groups, clubs and individuals but EVERYONE WELCOME!
Daily informal net: 08.30  145.450MHz (also other times during the day)
Waveney Wireless net MX0WRR, Daily at 0900 on 145.425MHz (Brockdish)
Monday night informal net: 19.30 GB3NB repeater
Monday 80m CW Net on 20.30  3545kHz (CW straight key on last Monday of the month)
Tuesdays 19.00-20.00 on 144.290MHz Vertical only USB (KLARC)
Thursdays 19.30 on GB3YL - Stay safe, Stay Alert net with M1TES (GOTA2C)
Thursday 19.30 on 144.350MHz SSB (Steve 2E0SZD)
Thursdays 19.30 on 145.500 usually moving to 145.400MHz (Bittern DX net - everyone welcome)
Friday NARC contest net: 20.00 on 145.250MHz FM
Sundays 16.00 on 28.550MHz USB 10m net with James M0ZAH and Tony G0MQG
Sundays GB2RS news: 19.00  on 145.625MHz (GB3NB repeater)
Sundays 19.00-20.00 on GB3KY (KLARC net run by Ben 2E0TKK open to all)
Useful repeaters
GB3NB: Input 145.025MHz: Output 145.625Mhz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB7NM: Input 145.1375Mhz Output 145.7375 DSTAR / Fusion (Connected to REF 1C / Hubnet)
GB7ND: Input: 430.4125MHz Output 439.4125 MHz  DMR TG840 local Repeaters E Anglia Talk Group
GB3NR: Input 434.600Mhz Output 433.000Mhz CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB3NZ: Input 145.000MHz: Output 145.600MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode Narrow FM voice
GB3KY: Input 145.1125 MHz: Output 145.7125MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: covering Kings Lynn area
GB3VW: Input 438.8125 Mhz: Output 430.8125 Mhz: CTCSS 82.5Hz: Narrow FM covering East Norwich - local mardles!
UK ALL-STAR Subnet: 24 hours 145.600Mhz (via GB3NZ repeater - digital voice)
Morse Training GB2CW broadcasts
Mondays: Head copy class  with G3LDI on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Beginners Morse at 25wpm with G3YLA on 145.625 at 2000
Thursdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.625 at 1000
Thursdays: Advanced Morse with G3PDH on 145.625 at 2000
Fridays: Morse from scratch with Phil G4LPP on 145.250MHz at 2000 - NEW - Morse teaching for absolute beginners
Lockdown Morse - an in-line course by Matt M0PTO. Find it on YouTube or www.facebook.com/lockdownmorse


Other contests

For more information on other contests see the weekly contest news from John G8VPE.

Koblenz sked - monthly; second saturday in the month
Second Saturday of each month at 10am local - 7.135MHz + local talk in on 145.250MHz
Over to you...
If you know of a Norfolk on-air net, repeater, or anything else you would like us to share so that others can join in the company, please let us know and we will help publicise it. It can be any net or general interest and not necessarily anything to do with NARC or even just Norfolk.
73, David G7URP   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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