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Barford Radio Social - Sunday 4th July 2021

Barford Socal 2021 1 
  • Where: Barford Village Green, NR9 4AB, 9 miles south west of Norwich off B1108
  • When: Sunday 4th July - open 0900-1400 (please do not arrive before 0900)
  • All outside event - please bring your own deckchair and refreshments etc
  • Private sales only - sell from own car boot or 1 table - no commercial traders please
  • Not a radio rally - no refreshments, catering or inside activities - inside toilets are available
  • Bring your own Sunshade or Gazebo if you would like to - there is plenty of space!
  • Entry FREE for all - Sponsored by Norfolk Amateur Radio Club. No need to book - just turn up
  • Voluntary donations with all proceeds to E A C H and Barford Village hall Emergency roof repair fund

Please spread the word to other local amateurs, friends and clubs as everyone is welcome, but be
sure to say that this is not the usual full radio rally event and is all outdoors. The event will only take
place if it is well within government advice at the time and will be cancelled if it becomes the
responsible thing to do - watch our website. Contact David G7URP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is nothing fancy about most of the RTTY macro files that I uploaded, but perhaps a little explanation about them would be helpful.

1. I operate both Run and S&P methods, and define functions keys for both operating modes.

2. I operate ESM (Enter Sends Message), so my macros conform to the default function keys that would be sent when pressing [Enter].

3. I usually work dupes as it is quicker than arguing the toss. so some macros don't define a macro key as "Worked B4".

4. I rely upon macro substitution characters as much as possible, so you will see things like:   -

{mycall} instead of G3LDI

{SENTRST} instead of 599   - {EXCH} instead of some fixed string


You will notice a file called GENERIC RTTY.MC in the gallery. When operating a new contest, it is easy to open the GERENIC file, modify it as necessary for that particluar contest, then save the macro file with a contest-specific title.


After several years of operating RTTY and CW contests, I developed a large collection of Macro files. To avoid confusion in the N1MM root directory, I created a sub-directory under \N1MM called \Macros. I keep all of my macro files there.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any queries, give either Malcolm or myself a call on the Contest Net, which is Friday evenings at 2000 local on 145.250.

Download Makro here (Updated 29/1/2015 G0LGJ)

73 de Roger, G3LDI