CW Net Timetable

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club CW Net.

                                                                             NARC Net: 3543kHz plus or minus QRM.

Please note that we have changed the net frequency to 3543kHz. This is to avoid other regular nets/QSOs. They always choose frequencies with a zero or a five so we thought we could avoid them by picking an irregular frequency.
The Net Controller, normally Malcolm G3PDH, will call CQ at 8.30 p.m. local time on Monday evenings. Call with just your call sign once until he acknowledges you. Once all check-ins have been established, a list will be sent of the order. Make a note of this because you should know your place on the list and each operator will take his turn, passing it to the next call on the list. Short overs are needed with quotes on salient points, and sending your news at the same time. Make notes as the net progresses and comment on just the point(s) that you wish to address.
Speed will not be a problem because that is adjusted to the lowest speed on the net. Two things are practised here. One is conversational Morse, and the other is Net Protocol. It should provide both confidence and impetus for you to make more QSOs on the air. We look forward to hearing you.