Wednesday 8th April NARC Live! - Data radio FT4 & FT8

On Wednesday Peter M0HBL demonstrated various digital modes including FT4 and FT8 live on our video stream.

Peter has given us this useful guide of links and tips to make this work and if you missed Peters talk live you can catch-up on NARC's Facebook page.



WSJT-X basics Peter Richmond M0HBL
(Notes to help get you going) 

Essential software

A good clock. Meinberg is popular. Available for windows and Linux

WSJT-X software

Go to Joe Taylor’s Princeton pages for latest WSJT-X software v2.1.2

Available in numerous formats

Make sure you download the installation package for your computer

Set up is straightforward so install in usual way

WSJT-X Version 2.1 offers nine different protocols or modes: FT8, FT4, JT9, JT65, WSPR, etc ... Each mode require different adjustments so read the help file first 

The help file can be found on the RHS of the main menu or download it separately at

Key points to get you up and running are all in the help file

General: call sign
Radio: type, port parameters, etc
Audio: input output settings
TX macros: free text possible but only 13 characters!!
Reporting: set up auto log; PSK etc
Can leave others for later

Wide graph settings: sliders change for each mode.

Other sources of help

Many other files are on youtube


We will be running NARC Live! every Wednesday at 19.30 BST and you will be able to watch and ask questions or comment live at these two online places. You can also watch previous NARC Live! on the Facebook page too.

NB - you may find quality higher on the BATC platform as they use different HD streaming technology



I really do need others to come and do a demo, chat or talk for NARC Live on Wednesdays, it really is informal and I can help you as necessary so please give us something or even a photo of another hobby or something interesting. I am trying to make NARC Live! our weekly catch up of all things radio around our area, but to do so I need input from lots of you, so please send pics, ideas in fact anything radio or electronic you think others will enjoy in these difficult times......


Take care, stay safe 

73, David G7URP  

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