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Contest News from a village somewhere East of Norwich.
80m Club Championship:

All going well with 6 out of the 18 80mCC events completed.

The 80mCC SSB contest (26/03/20) results were adjudicated very promptly after a quite busy evening on 80m.
The overall pecking order between NARC Nelson and NARC Boudica hasn't changed, with Nelson still commanding 2nd place behind the 1st placed De Montfort University team and Boudica still trailing in 3rd overall.
Propagation conditions for inter-G working were good to fair for the first hour with many more signals than usual, all competing for space, then the skip distance appeared to lengthen and short range inter-G contacts became more difficult although the far South of the country and GM were still very strong here in Norfolk.
The total number of logs submitted increased by a massive 24% to 267 logs!
Quite a number of people remarked upon not hearing or working G*6XX, it seems that the RSGB bonus station was not active in this event.
10 logs were entered for BOUDICA and 9 logs for NELSON, but NELSON were the much stronger team on the night and poor ol' Boudica got pushed down to 5th in this particular event. The 3As CG flexed their muscles and came up with some superb scores and Bristol CG weren't holding back either.
1st De Montfort University ARS.
2nd NARC Nelson.
3rd 3As CG.
4th Bristol CG.
5th NARC Boudica - oh dear!
Time for Boudica to pull her socks up - or whatever they were wearing in the 1st Century AD, apart from animal skins and woad.
But now, for your delight and delectation, your deliberation and determination, using your very own indispensible digital dexterity we introduce this month's star turn, (with apologies to Leonard Sachs) another 90 minute CW extravaganza in the 80m Club Championship calendar on Monday 6th April at 19:00utc - yes! 20:00 Local time, as usual during BST.
Can NARC Boudica close that ever widening gap with CW? Its up to you - or roughly half of you!
The Contest Net still runs every Friday evening at 2000utc on 145.250MHz for anyone needing help and guidance setting up for N1MM+ Logger and getting started in RTTY/PSK or just doing on-air tests to blow the cobwebs out of their data interfaces.
Coming to your shack soon:
80m CC CW - Monday 6th April.
80m CC SSB - Wednesday 15th April.
80m CC DATA - Thursday 23rd April.
80m CC SSB - Monday 4th May (also Spring Bank Holiday but don't go anywhere, stay home for the contest).
Monday 27th April is the 3rd FT4 contest.
Now a word about a recent introduction by RSGB HF Contest Committee.
Since many Radio Amateurs are having to stay at home during normal daytime working hours, a temporary series of 90 minute contests has been introduced on each weekday during April and May in the form of QSO Parties to be known as Hope QP, covering SSB, CW, RTTY, and FT4. These short events are open to all amateurs and not restricted to members or UK only, with the aim to enable isolated amateurs to still communicate with each other in contest style. You don't have to necessarily enter every event.
This link will take you to the HF Contest Calendar where you can click on the RSGB events and read the relevant rules and times of each event:
Something for the Weekend:
EARTTY Contest 4th & 5th April.
Rules at:
RSGB 80m RoLo SSB 5th April 1900 to 2030utc
Rules at:
SP DX Contest CW/SSB 4th April to 5th April
Rules at:
A useful calendar of other contests can be found here in Bruce's (WA7BNM) weekly listings:
Always download and study the rules.
VHF UK Activity Contests.
Tuesday 7th April is the 144MHz UKAC.
Tuesday 14th April is the 432MHz UKAC.
Thursday 9th April is the 50MHz UKAC.
Stay safe and enjoy single operator contesting for now.
73 John G8VPE