CW Net Timetable

Sonny M0SYW has access to some nice virtual video meeting software and we would like to use it on a future edition of NARC Live! 

If you would like to be part of a closed trial of this (not broadcast) and are available at 10am this Saturday 30th May please drop me an email and I will send you a few details of the app you will need to download to be part of it. You will also need a webcam if your tablet or computer does not have one built in. Should be fun!

73, David G7URP

Jim's class, the final!

Whilst this is the final from Jim, it isn't really! It's like the "finals" we used to use to sign off in the old AM days, usually closely followed by a "final final" which was in turn followed by a "final finnal final", That could go on for ages, much like Jim's class. There has been a great following of this method and also an interest expressed for a continuum. So, please email Jim if you are keen  enough to take part:  

Jim Bacon ONE TO USE! <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

However, do remember the success is down to YOU. If you don't use the BIG P word, every day, progress will be slow.



25wpm Beginners CW Week 20 report



The final week of the course took place on Tuesday evening 8-9pm on GB3NB. The group of five have now been through a whole bunch of sample QSO formats with selected overs from real QSOs in the past. The whole idea is to use this course as a starting point for listening on the bands and becoming familiar with the phrases and abbreviations, which are often the bits which cause CW to seem impenetrable.

I hope others who have not remained for the full course will take advantage of the MP3 files on the club website to practice during the rest of the summer lockdown. Try sending the list of abbreviations with your paddle, not keying the rig of course, and I guarantee that the more you practice sending these common abbreviations, the easier it will be to spot them on the air.

During the rest of the summer I shall use the Tuesday evening slot on the GB3NB repeater to have revision sessions. I hope that by the end of the year you will be feeling confident enough to have a QSO on the bands, and it’ll be how much time you can spend using and listening to CW that determines how likely that is for you.

73 de Jim


This link was sent to me by David G3MPN. It's well worth reading and is so applicable to CW!


 Lockdown Morse on Utube

Matt M0PTO has ireported that he has over 1000 viewers for his course! Great achievement Matt, well done! Take a look, it might suit you too.


"My Favourite Morse Key".


The following pictures are from Chris G3XVL. The first is a Danish military straight key and the secon features a few of the keys that Chris owns.

Unfortunately they were only thumbnails but I think they are still identifiable.

g3xvl 1

g3xvl 2



Headcopy Class is going well.
EISH5 These groups are just a bit of fun really. It concentrates the mind on patterns.If you have problems with this mix, don't worry too much because it is highly unlikely that they will ever be sent in general covesation. So don't despair, even the most skilled have problems with groups like this.
However, it is all good Practice, that Big P word again!
This week we had 3 people taking part, still great fun however.
So, join us at 1000 on Monday mornings and have some fun.
The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne (Chaucer)

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.




NARC Live! - TONIGHT Wednesday 27th May

If we were able to have our regular meetings then tonight would have been the Norfolk Repeater Group AGM, so tonight a slightly different video version with Mark G0LGJ and Chris G0TZZ who will tell you how the group has been doing over the past year.

Afterwards Mark G0LGJ and James M0ZAH will take us through some of Norfolk Repeater Groups repeaters, what they do, what modes they support and how people can access them.

And both Mark and Chris welcome questions and comments, both ahead of the AGM and online on the night about the Repeater group or repeaters and the different analogue, digital and television modes. Please email advance questions or comments with the subject 'Repeaters' to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 3pm as this will give them time to prepare and find out answers.



NARC Live!....

Tammy and I hope you are enjoying NARC Live on Wednesday nights as a way of keeping the NARC spirit alive and in touch with each other, as well as learning about new things - we are really enjoying bringing it to you and learning new things ourselves too!


We would like your feedback and really welcome pictures, funnies, stories, videos etc Amateur Radio Related or not for us to use on the show - please email anything you would like to share to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   before 3pm on Wednesdays.


Also ideas for future talks or events would also be much appreciated as I need to find something for every Wednesday, whereas we used to only have a formal every other week. As a thought, have you got a story to tell from your life or career etc? If so I could interview you in a light hearted way which we could either record or do live......  Have a think, do you or someone you know have an interesting story to tell...?


And another suggestion we have had would be for an online sale or auction.......  could be fun and safe payments and collections could be arranged.


Please let us know what you think!


Thank you for your contributions and support.

Take care, stay safe

David G7URP & Tammy M0TC

Each week we show you the shack of a NARC member and ask you to guess whose shack it is.

This weeks has two pictures to hopefully give you some useful clues......Plenty of modern gear and old stuff, plus several things hand made as well as a few cryptic comments.....

If you think you know whose shack it is please email David & Tammy with your guess to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - the deadline is 4pm Wednesdays and watch NARC Live on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm to find out!



shack gear2.jpeg

Shack Like This.jpeg




Last weeks shack fooled some people but not others - thanks for all the entries!

The Shack belonged to John 2E0TWQ



HF News

Last week was dominated by extensive Sporadic E openings that made 10 metres sound like 20 metres on a good day.

The openings were steady and stable, with lots of stations around Europe being very workable. These openings extended to multi-hop as well, with Chris VO1CH being heard on 10m FT8 at 12:40hrs on Monday the 18th for example.

Low-power beacons have also been heard – the IW4EIR beacon, running just 1.5W, was heard on 28.195MHz at 1600hrs on Monday as well.

If you are interested in monitoring 10m beacons, Martin G3USF’s 10-metre beacon list has been updated and is available on the RSGB web site under the Propagation section, using the link “Propagation Beacons” on the right-hand side.

Hopefully, the Sporadic E season will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Other than Es, HF conditions have been average for this time of year. Late Spring and Summer are traditionally times when maximum usable frequencies decline during the day due to a change in ionospheric chemistry. However, the good news is that nighttime MUFs are higher, with bands like 20 metres remaining open long after sunset if there is sufficient ionisation.

The Sun remains very quiet. Two lighter plage areas have moved into view on the Sun’s surface, but are unlikely to turn into sunspots. A plage is a bright region in the Sun’s chromosphere.

As a result, NOAA predicts the solar flux index will remain around 70. It also predicts that the Sun will remain stable geomagnetically, bringing a maximum Kp index of two.

So it looks like Sporadic E will continue to provide the HF fun on the higher HF bands.

VHF and up

Most of next week will be dominated by high pressure just south of the UK and hence Tropo will be a good mode to try. At this time of the year, the strong sunshine makes any nocturnal enhancement of conditions temporary and soon disappears after sunrise and the new thermals destroy the night-time cooling inversion.

However, the main high-pressure subsidence inversion is a different case and extends across the same region as the area of high pressure and will be present throughout.

This will mean paths across the North Sea, English Channel or Bay of Biscay should do well. Tropo contacts need not be rushed like Sporadic E.

A fairly strong Atlantic jet stream will push across the UK this weekend and when it reaches the near continent it will be in a good place for Es in a broad direction range from Scandinavia round through the Balkans to Italy and Spain.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic will continue to provide jet stream segments for openings across the pond. The association of Es with jet streams is useful since the charts show the meandering jet stream extending well east over Russia and could be used for paths to the Far East.

There is a hint that a region of showers may develop around the middle of next week to give an opportunity for some GHz rain scatter propagation.

The Moon’s reaches peak declination on Tuesday and path losses are falling all week. 144 MHz sky noise is low.

A number of small showers keep May and June an active time for meteor scatter operations, so keep looking for early morning opportunities before the Es.

And that’s all from the propagation team this week.