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Nooze from a village East of Norwich.
Autumn Series 80m Contests:
NARC remained in the overall lead after the first five published results with a points difference of 3938 points.
Previously our lead of more than 4200 points was reduced considerably by our closest rival, the Three As CG who decisively won the 2nd CW contest. However, the NARC Data contesters did an excellent job and scraped back 2940 points.
The results for the DATA contest on Wednesday 14/10/20 have been published and in spite of not having Roger's usual high scores this time we did manage to pull off the win.
NARC 10532 points with 18 logs.
3As CG 7592 points with 11 logs.
Thursday 29th October is the next event in the Autumn Series and will be SSB and we shall really need as many logs as possible.
If we are to stand any chance of winning this series we must have as many contacts as possible for this event.
Please submit a log on behalf of NARC even for just a few contacts, every point counts towards the end result.
We put our clocks back at 02:00 am on Sunday 25th October, don't be caught out with your clocks at the wrong time.
Bear in mind that the contest starts one hour later in terms of UTC, so propagation on 80m may not be as good as earlier in the month.
So, make a prompt start at 20:00 utc as propagation may worsen before the 21:30 utc finish.
You may check the foF2 critical frequency by visiting the Propquest website:
What's next?
The rest of the 80m Autumn Series dates:
Thursday 29th October SSB.
Monday 2nd November DATA.
Wednesday 11th November SSB.
Thursday 26th November CW.
The CQ WW DX SSB Contest takes place this weekend.
Begins on Saturday 24th October at 00:00 utc and ends at 23:59utc on Sunday 25th.
Six bands will be in operation 160m through 10m.
High, Low and QRP power categories, exchange RST and CQ Zone (14).
Rules below:
Other contests worldwide may be found on the website for the Contest Calendar by Bruce WA7BNM.
The Friday evening Contest Net at 20:00 local time will continue at the usual time but will change frequency to 145.275MHz to make way for a new GB2CW Beginner's class which will be held on the usual 145.250MHz frequency at 20:00.
Please help your club by operating in the Autumn Series contests on 80m.

73 John G8VPE




HF News

The last week was dominated by sunspot region 2776, which pushed the solar flux index to 75. Geomagnetically, it was a mixed bag though, with the Kp index peaking at four on Wednesday, but otherwise being relatively quiet and showing zero on Tuesday.

The sunspots, plus the October seasonal enhancement, meant that the HF bands were quite active.

There were reports of Australia being worked from the UK on 10m FT8. Alek VK6APK was worked at 09:20hrs by Tony G4HZW.

Mario FR4QT on Reunion Island was also worked on 28.380MHz SSB by Gary G0FWX, according to the 10m UK Net Facebook group. If you like 10-metre operation the group is definitely worth signing up to.

These 10-metre contacts bode well for the future and we look forward to other reports of VK/ZL as the solar cycle progresses.

Next week, NOAA predicts the solar flux index will be the range 72-74. Sunspot region 2776 will have almost rotated off the visible disk by the time this report is published and there are no other spots at the moment.

However, it does look like we are in for a disturbed weekend with poor geomagnetic conditions. This is due to a large polar coronal hole on the solar surface that has returned after a 27-day rotation and which could cause the Kp index to rise to five.

The solar wind will likely increase in speed and density, resulting in an adverse effect on the ionosphere after a potential pre-auroral enhancement.

Expect maximum usable frequencies to decline and conditions to be poor this weekend. Do look out for potential 10-metre auroral contacts though.

VHF and up

We are about to enter a phase of very disturbed weather with a series of deep lows dominating the charts, especially in the nearby Atlantic. Their influence will bring strong winds and periods of heavy rain or showers.

At long range it's pointless to try to time such events precisely, but nonetheless, the general characteristics suggest that Tropo will again be a rare feature in the coming week other than transient weak ridges between successive fronts or lows. On the upside, rain scatter could do rather well for the GHz bands.

The Moon’s declination is rising and goes positive on Thursday so Moon visibility windows will lengthen. The Moon reaches apogee on Friday where path losses are at maximum. 144 MHz sky noise is low all week.

With the Kp index set to rise to five thanks to the returning coronal hole, it might be worth keeping an eye out for low-VHF auroral propagation again.

There are no significant meteor showers this week but get ready for the Leonids, peaking on 16th and 17th November.

Morse Classes HAVE started.



Input from Jim G3YLA:

25wpm CW report for Tuesday 20th Oct 2020


We had a small but perfectly formed team of two for this week’s session on GB3NB at 8pm on Tuesday evening. David, M0WEL and Alex, 2E0FHF put in a very good showing and are progressing well with head copy of QSOs and extracting nuggets of information. This is a good technique to learn since it reduces stress of having to write it all down. It is showing good progress, so well done chaps and hope a few more can join in now the long dark evenings are upon us.

I also had the pleasure standing in for Chris, G4CCX on 145.250 on Tuesday morning at10am and had a good turnout of his regulars, Phil G4LPP, John G4PFZ, Robert G4TUK, Alex 2E0FHF and Tony G0OOR. This crew has been busy sharpening up the skillset a lot since I last met up in a class with them.

There is now a large group within NARC of active CW ops learning to improve techniques and skills. This shows up well on the bands and in the contests in which NARC is beacon for clubs in the UK in terms of commitment to CW. These NARC members have been able to add a wonderful operating mode into their log books and have experienced the satisfaction gained from fluency on the key. You too can discover this by joining one of the many sessions run by NARC members during the week. Other great interests are available, but if you’ve not tried this one before, perhaps now might be a good time.

Phil G4LPP has a beginners session on Friday evening at 8pm on 145.250 and now, in its early stages, is a good time to join. I shall be starting another 25wpm beginners class in January on the repeater on Tuesdays at 8pm, so plenty of opportunity to hit the ground running. This is an open invitation for those wanting to try for the first time or perhaps have a second go after previous sessions.

73 de Jim
Morse with Doctor Phil.

Phil's class got off to a good start with two students last week. This week there were three and this coming Friday there should be four! So, really good to see some are learning the code and gaining a new mode to use on the air.

If you are interested, please email Phil and let him know. He will contact you and give you more details.
Phil's emsil address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By the way, Phil is a GOOD cop, so you will be treated kindly!
Practice Pays!
Philip has been practising with RUFZXP, the call sign practice program and to show that Practice Pays, this is what Phil has achieved with that program.


Dear Philip,
your RufzXP score has been received and found to be correct.

It is going to be published in the next issue of the International RufzXP Toplist.
(issued weekly on Monday at around 20:00 UTC on )

73 and have fun with RufzXP!

Mathias DL4MM
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
International RufzXP Toplist administrator

RufzXP version: 1.12
Callsign: G4LPP
TopList Callsign: G4LPP
Birthdate: 4/3/1958
Title: OM
Surname: Holt
Name: Philip
Score: 10022
Speed: 236 cpm (47 wpm)
The bottom line says it all!!!! Congratulations Phil.

The CWOPS CWT activity periods are proving a real attraction. John G4PFZ is now hooked on them - well perhaps not the 0300z period - but we usually have around 6 of us taking part now.
Email me with input, queries, keys, paddles, classes and so on. Hopefully I can help or know a man that can!
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.




 NARC can WIN this  -  BUT we need YOUR help!

NARC Appeal for more Contest Operators.
This year it has been the aim of NARC to make a concerted effort to win the 80m Autumn Series for the first time.
So far we have achieved 4 first place results in the first 5 out of 9 events, placed 2nd in just one CW event.
It seems that 3As Contest Group are also intent on winning this Autumn Series and they've given us some very strong opposition to date.
This year 3As have brought in some of their operators who haven't been active for a while, consequently they've been entering more logs of a very high calibre which could erode our current first place overall.
We do have a number of operators who have not joined us so far in this Autumn Series and if we are to oppose any strong challenges we really do need everyone's valuable help to gain as many points as possible in the remaining 4 contests.
Please consider joining us in this short series of contests, even just a few contacts will all help to swell the entry from NARC.
There are events for SSB, CW and PSK/RTTY, similar to the 80m CCs.
Please help us in as many events that you can manage. It is your club please support it.
The next contest will be SSB on 29th October at 20:00 local time.
BST(Daylight Saving Time) ends on 25th October, please check that you show the correct time in your logs.
John G8VPE

 The Three As are getting people uploading logs who only make three QSOs so let's just show them how a PROPER radio club can field the troops when needed! It's SSB so not difficult. Everyone can talk and most can talk loudly!

NARC CONtests needs

Wednesday 21st October - NARC Live!

Sadly Phil Holliday ZL3PAH has emailed to say he is unwell and cannot give his talk on his homebrew transceiver tomorrow..... get well soon Phil and we look forward to your talk at a later date

So we have arranged a last minute treat, and not only do we present the video on the adventurous DXpedition to T32C Christmas Island, but to introduce it we have one of the original Team members Chris G3SVL who will also answer YOUR questions about it live afterwards! Special thanks to Chris for agreeing to do this at such short notice and also arranging clearance for us to show it because it is normally only sold on DVD.

Plus we have regulars 'Who works from a shack like this', Tammys 'Little people' and we always enjoy sharing your news and view so please send them to us...

David G7URP & Tammy M0TC   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Everyone welcome! Here are the two places you can watch:

Join us at 7.30pm as usual on either Facebook:


or British Amateur Television Club:


Note that our Facebook page also has recordings of all NARC Lives if you would like to catch-up!



The amazing story of how the T32C DXpedition happened, and with us live to introduce the film and answer questions is Team member Chris G3SVL