Introduction by Roger G3LDI

Mike G4KQY and John G4PFZ are now both very keen on CW. They are both still in the process of achieving 25wpm and in fact are not far away.

They have a mutual weekly competition in order to increase activity and achieve their target. Great to see them active and doing so well!  Please support

them in the way that Mike has asked and let's see this column grow!


This is a brand new section in our news letter.
We want you to get involved and help inspire other operators.
And funnily enough it does not include any commitments. Read On :-)

I am Mike, G4KQY and here is some of my back ground :

I guess I am what’s called a “born again” radio ham and love CW.
I downed my mic around 30 years ago and like many of us, refused to sell my rig “ just in case!
So we both got old together! Then John G4PFZ who I hadn’t seen for decades since we played in a top local band together ,
called in unexpectedly one day and convinced me to power up the rig and become “active”.
The first tasks were the CC 80 meter contests. They were pretty cool with all these new modes of working.
A great and exciting way to use computers, rigs , home brew aerials and surf the internet looking for
handy sites to give us that edge for contacts !

Now John G4PFZ and myself G4KQY , being pretty much equal,
have our weekly challenge which have really sharpened up our skills and knowledge of logging programmes and stuff.
The biggest help we had was that grey line option in N1MM. Neither of us knew what that was.
We had never heard anyone on the air talk about it. So we discovered then discussed it in our weekly sked .
When selected I was pretty surprised when up popped a map of the world and started filling up with little black spots.
It became pretty clear quickly what that was all about and how to use it.

** So now down to you our readers of this fine news letter. **
We would like you to send in :

Any “blog” you would like to include in the blog section.


A couple of memorable CW contacts you have had, say 2 per month would be great.
Local/European/DX. All included.
Any funny moments or embarrassing blunders, fumbles, QRP or just shear brilliance in stations you have worked.
If you can include your call sign and where relevant the following that would be great.
• Call Sign worked
• Date/Time
• Band
• Aerial
• Power

Send emails to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am expecting to get swamped with goodies so give it a go.

To kick things off here are some Goodies: :

G4KQY Reports:

CE2ML 18 Aug: 19:00, 20 meters. Dipole at 4 meters.
He was a really weak signal fading in and out of the QSB I called him ,
fluffing my first call sign , but he got the second call and I was amazed he came back with my signal report,
which I forgot to log in my excitement!!

Chris from Coventry on Home brew running 5 watts – lovely signal, great rag chew,
Problem was he was drifting up the band to about 1 KHz and ran straight into another QSO !

DF4XX Sept 1 14:00 80m Dipole 0 (zero) watts.
I had turned down my power to zero to practise sending his call sign before calling.
I was pretty flustered when he un-expectantly came straight back,
I must have been running milliwatts as there was nothing showing on the power meter !

V31MA 31 Oct 06:00 80m G5RV.
My Our challenge with John G4PFZ last week was to work furthest East.
So I thought an early start of 06:00 am would help with a day light path to Australia.
I wasn’t using the grey line map but heard this weak call sign and went straight back.
A few minutes later I had him in the log. The call was from Belize. But west not east !! Still a new DXCC for me.

G4PFZ reports

I can only echo what Mike has said in his Blog.
Our weekly challenges have helped enormously with both improving CW andalso exploring the features of logging programs such as N1MM+ and Logger 32.
I use the latter for my general logging and have it set up to automatically send QSOs to Club Log and LOTW.
The purchase of my Begali Contour paddle has also inspired me to get on the air and make lots of contacts.
In fact I've had 261 CW contacts in the last month and worked 71 DXCC on CW so far this year.

Here are are few examples from the last month:

MM0UMH Oct 13: 21:35, 80m. Dipole at 10 meters.
When I heard this station from the Isle of Islay, I didn't know he was a NARC associate member!
I had a nice chat with Les and he sends his regards to all the members at the club.
I even received a QSL card in the post a couple of days later.


VE3EJ Oct 23: 14:23, 15m. Homebrew 40m Vertical.
The challenge for this week was Africa so imagine my excitement when the spot came up for E3EJ which is Eritrea.
Unfortunately the spot had missed off the first letter and I actually worked VE3EJ!
Another lesson learned, don't rely on the cluster getting it right!

SY8DV Oct23: 14:49, 15m. Homebrew Vertical
Jim, G3YLA, led the way with this DX, one of the Greek islands that Jim had visited in the past.

DL7EQ Oct 25: 21:42, 80m
Ulrich was sending very nice CW on a straight key and we had a very nice ragchew. A most enjoyable contact.
It's not all about DX!


So please send in your memorable contacts. Local, European or DX and let us know how you are doing.

73-88 and good local / DX contacts ..


Morse Classes for winter 2020 are going well.
My hat is not in the microwave at the moment. Some of the last season's regulars seem to have emigrated, or taken up knitting! So, I feel safe so far....You never know though.......

Input from Jim G3YLA:

25wpm CW report for Tuesday 20th Oct 2020



We had a small but perfectly formed team of two for this week’s session on GB3NB at 8pm on Tuesday evening. David, M0WEL and Alex, 2E0FHF put in a very good showing and are progressing well with head copy of QSOs and extracting nuggets of information. This is a good technique to learn since it reduces stress of having to write it all down. It is showing good progress, so well done chaps and hope a few more can join in now the long dark evenings are upon us.

I also had the pleasure standing in for Chris, G4CCX on 145.250 on Tuesday morning at10am and had a good turnout of his regulars, Phil G4LPP, John G4PFZ, Robert G4TUK, Alex 2E0FHF and Tony G0OOR. This crew has been busy sharpening up the skillset a lot since I last met up in a class with them.

There is now a large group within NARC of active CW ops learning to improve techniques and skills. This shows up well on the bands and in the contests in which NARC is beacon for clubs in the UK in terms of commitment to CW. These NARC members have been able to add a wonderful operating mode into their log books and have experienced the satisfaction gained from fluency on the key. You too can discover this by joining one of the many sessions run by NARC members during the week. Other great interests are available, but if you’ve not tried this one before, perhaps now might be a good time.

Phil G4LPP has a beginners session on Friday evening at 8pm on 145.250 and now, in its early stages, is a good time to join. I shall be starting another 25wpm beginners class in January on the repeater on Tuesdays at 8pm, so plenty of opportunity to hit the ground running. This is an open invitation for those wanting to try for the first time or perhaps have a second go after previous sessions.

73 de Jim
Morse with Doctor Phil.

Phil's class now has FOUR new students! How pleasing that is! It is still not too late to join Phil on a Friday evening. So, really good to see some are learning the code and gaining a new mode to use on the air.

If you are interested, please email Phil and let him know. He will contact you and give you more details.
Phil's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By the way, Phil is a GOOD cop, so you will be treated kindly!


The CWOPS CWT activity periods are proving a real attraction. John G4PFZ is now hooked on them - well perhaps not the 0300z period - but we usually have around 6 of us taking part now.
We actually had SIX locals this week on the 0300z activity period! Enthusiasm is good and several are due to receive a medalin 2021, the coulur of which depends on how many points they have accrued.

So far we have Three already attained gold and Three on silver!
For all you devotees of the straight key, this may amuse you. This guy is REALLY keen. He is using a clamp to keep the key stable that would be more at home in a carpentry workshop!

Take a look at this YouTube video:



Email me with input, queries, keys, paddles, classes and so on. Hopefully I can help or know a man that can!
73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.




NARC Appeal for more Contest Operators.
For this year it has been the aim of NARC to make a concerted effort to win the 80m Autumn Series for the first time.
So far we have achieved 3 first place results in the first 3 out of 9 events.
It does appear that 3As Contest Group are possibly intent on also winning this Autumn Series and they've given us some very strong opposition to date.
This year 3As have brought in some of their operators who haven't been active for a while, consequently they've been entering more logs of a very high calibre which could erode our current first place overall.
We do have a number of operators who have not joined us so far in this Autumn Series and if we are to hold off any strong challenges we really do need their valuable help to gain as many points as possible in the remaining 5 contests.
Please consider joining us in this short series of contests, even just a few contacts will all help to swell the entry from NARC.
There are events for SSB, CW and PSK/RTTY, similar to the 80m CCs.
Please help us in just one or all modes if possible.
It is your club please support it with 110% effort.

NARC CONtests needs
73 John G8VPE


Our RSGB Regional representative has asked us to share this message......


David De La Haye is looking for someone that can spare some time to join the Region 12 team and help liaise between the RSGB and the following clubs:


Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (Narc)

Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society

Norfolk Amateur Radio Group

Kings Lynn Amateur Radio Club

Great Yarmouth

Bittern DX Group



What the DR does:

• representing the position of the Society to all radio amateurs in the sub-Region. 

  • • representing the views of members to the RR. 
  • • taking part in recruitment and retention campaigns in the Region. 
  • • undertaking inspections of new examination centres at the request of RSGB HQ.
  • • undertake inspections of examinations at the request of the RCF Quality Assurance Manager.
  • • visiting clubs to maintain contact, present the RSGB position, recruit new members and identify issues for consideration by the RR. 
  • • providing a presence at nominated rallies in the Region, acting as the RSGB representative. 
  • • deputising for the RR as required.

Required Competencies:

  • • the time, energy, interest and willingness to serve. 
  • • the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. 
  • • the ability to comment on and comprehend the main drivers of amateur radio. 
  • • IT literate and have access to computer facilities. 
  • • able to travel throughout the Region and to meetings in other parts of the country.If you know anyone that that has some spare time, likes to interact with people, has some good varied radio skills and would like to represent the RSGB, then please can they forward their details to: Dave De La Haye RR12 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or phone: 0203 0261 495 to express their interest


  • In the meantime I would like to thank Andy Goldsmith for his service and wish him all the best.

David De La Haye, M0MBD
Regional Representative for Region 12
Radio Society of Great Britain
01234 832 700
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RSGB Newsfeed RSGB on Facebook RSGB on Twitter RSGB on YouTube

Patron: HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT.
Registered Office: 3 Abbey Court, Fraser Road, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3WH, UK 
RSGB was founded in 1913 and incorporated in 1926. Registered Number: 216431

NARC / Norfolk radio activity diary (Note all times are local and analogue voice unless stated)
Please let David G7URP have details of any other on-air nets or gatherings on any modes and frequencies so that we can help Norfolk stay connected and in company - my contact email address is below.
Get On The Air 2 Care!
Thank you!

General nets - run by groups, clubs and individuals but EVERYONE WELCOME!
Daily informal net: 08.30  145.450MHz (also other times during the day)
Waveney Wireless net MX0WRR, Daily at 0900 on 145.425MHz (Brockdish)
Monday night informal net: 19.30 GB3NB repeater
Monday 80m CW Net on 20.30  3545kHz (CW straight key on last Monday of the month)
Tuesdays 19.00-20.00 on 144.290MHz Vertical only USB (KLARC)
Thursdays 19.30 on GB3YL - Stay safe, Stay Alert net with M1TES (GOTA2C)
Thursdays 19.00-20.00 on GB3KY (KLARC net open to all)
Thursday 19.30 on 144.350MHz SSB (Steve 2E0SZD)
Thursdays 19.30 on 145.500 usually moving to 145.400MHz (Bittern DX net - everyone welcome)
Friday NARC contest net: 20.00 on 145.250MHz FM
Sundays 16.00 on 28.550MHz USB 10m net with James M0ZAH and Tony G0MQG
Sundays GB2RS news: 19.00  on 145.625MHz (GB3NB repeater)
Sundays 19.00-20.00 on GB3KY (KLARC net run by Ben 2E0TKK open to all)
Useful repeaters
GB3NB: Input 145.025MHz: Output 145.625Mhz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB7NM: Input 145.1375Mhz Output 145.7375 DSTAR / Fusion (Connected to REF 1C / Hubnet)
GB7ND: Input: 430.4125MHz Output 439.4125 MHz  DMR TG840 local Repeaters E Anglia Talk Group
GB3NR: Input 434.600Mhz Output 433.000Mhz CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB3NZ: Input 145.000MHz: Output 145.600MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode Narrow FM voice
GB3KY: Input 145.1125 MHz: Output 145.7125MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: covering Kings Lynn area
UK ALL-STAR Subnet: 24 hours 145.600Mhz (via GB3NZ repeater - digital voice)
Morse Training GB2CW broadcasts
Mondays: Head copy class  with G3LDI on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Beginners Morse at 25wpm with G3YLA on 145.625 at 2000
Thursdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.625 at 1000
Thursdays: Advanced Morse with G3PDH on 145.625 at 2000
Fridays: Morse from scratch with Phil G4LPP on 145.250MHz at 2000 - NEW - Morse teaching for absolute beginners
Lockdown Morse - an in-line course by Matt M0PTO. Find it on YouTube or www.facebook.com/lockdownmorse


Other contests

For more information on other contests see the weekly contest news from John G8VPE.

Koblenz sked - monthly; second saturday in the month
Second Saturday of each month at 10am local - 7.135MHz + local talk in on 145.250MHz
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club weekly magazine show with News, Features, Guests and Talks.
Watch, take part, ask questions and comment live.
Streamed live in two places from 19.30 BST every Wednesday whilst the club cannot meet:

Either on BATC:



Or the Clubs Facebook page:




Over to you...
If you know of a Norfolk on air net, repeater or anything else you would like us to share so that others can join in company, please let us know and we will help publicise it. It can be any net or general interest and not necessarily anything to do with NARC or even just Norfolk.
73, David G7URP   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
200414 RSGB PowerPoint Slide_GOTA2C_v2_3840 x 2160.jpg

Wednesdays NARC Live! Club meetings are streamed live to both Facebook video and simultaneously to the BATC Live streamer. 

If you miss one you can watch it again on our Facebook page at  www.facebook.com/norfolkamateurradioclub 

We will be doing NARC Live! every Wednesday night at 7.30pm BUT we really need input and content from you! If you have a story to tell, a picture to share, a talk to give or are willing to let us into your shack (its really easy using almost any modern mobile phone or computer with a webcam) then please drop me a note -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay safe

73, David G7URP & Tammy M0TC


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Your login will normally be your callsign.


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NARC are afflitated to the RSGB
Regional and National Winners of Club of the Year 

Lottery Funded

Lottery funding enabled NARC to purchase direction finding equipment for training, competitions and as a fun family introduction to amateur radio

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NARC Training 2020

Amateur Radio Training with NARC

Training is very important to NARC because we realise this is how new people come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.
We are pleased to offer courses which are based on demand and our programme of other events and activities. To register your interest for a course and exam please email your name and contact details, together with which level of training course you are waiting for,  to the Club Exam Secretary David Palmer G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club meetings


During the current Covid-19 pandemic when the club cannot physically meet, the club now broadcasts its own magazine show NARC Live! every Wednesday with news, features and guests.
It is streamed online live from 19.30 BST at the following places:

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The club meets virtually every Wednesday throughout the year in the sixth form centre of the City of Norwich School, Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP from 1900-2130.

We welcome anyone of any age, gender or ability and who enjoys experimenting with radio and electronics to come and meet us and see what we do in our hobby.

Please see above ONLINE tab for details of the club programme and below this piece for contacts of club official.

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