THIS SPACE WELCOMES NEWS FROM CLUB MEMBERS - JUST EMAIL TO DAVID & TAMMY This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
19.00: GB2RS news broadcast at 19.00 on repeater GB3NB
2m FM Voice net on GB3NB:
19.30 every Monday on Repeater GB3NB - everyone is welcome:
Monday night 2m net
January 17th: M1MIT Tim
January 24th: 2E0SZP Micheal 
January 31st: M0KJW Ken
Please volunteer to run a net!
If you enjoy this net, please volunteer to run just one occasionally.
Please contact either Tim M1MIT or David G7URP.
CW net
Every Monday at 20.30 on 80m 3.543MHz (straight key operation on the last Monday of the month)
Wednesdays - NARC Live at 19.30
Wednesday 19th January 19.30 - Baluns and Ferrites with Kevan N4XL
Join us live on Facebook or BATC as below. News, pictures and comments by Wednesdays 3pm to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Recordings of recent NARC Live shows:
12th January 2022: NARC Live - IT for Radio Amateurs: https://youtu.be/guMeP1dxmcc
5th January 2022: NARC Live - SDR without the maths:  https://youtu.be/lAwaHqdD0nk
29th December: NARC Live social interactive end of the year show:  https://youtu.be/p7wDS6I9el0
22nd December: NARC Live Christmas Special outside broadcast with Mark Stuckey G0SQK of BBC TV Repair Shop:  https://youtu.be/dWjkNcPvE14
15th December: NARC Online Christmas Party   https://youtu.be/-zTYYJ78KBE   (we also hope to upload a digital recording to Facebook when they are available)
8th December: Solving Urban QRM with Tony G2NF   https://youtu.be/mVSjWrFQyyw
1st December: Cleaning your shack of QRM noise with Ian GM3SEK:  https://youtu.be/LVTuBsj3U0o
DID YOU KNOW... That we make a digital recording in the studio and upload to YouTube on Thursdays in High Definition, but for you to watch in HD you have to wait until YouTube have finished processing it and you also need to set your YouTube viewer to HD - usually located under the Cog Wheel at the bottom of the window. ou will see things in better quality than standard definition, especially talks which have photographs and other Hires images like last weeks show.
About NARC Live!
NARC Live! is a weekly amateur radio show which during the pandemic is how the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club gets together every week to keep everyone in touch.
It is broadcast live very Wednesday night at 19.30 and is hosted and produced by David Palmer G7URP and Tammy Palmer M0TC for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club as well as any other radio amateurs who are interested. For more details about our club please visit: www.norfolkamateurradio.org.
Contact details for anything for NARC Live: David G7URP & Tammy M0TC - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch live on either Facebook or BATC live every Wednesday evening - everyone welcome not just NARC members:

NARC Live starts at 19.30 on Facebook:  (note that our Facebook page also has every previous episode of NARC Live to play back)


and live on BATC:



Recent recordings of some NARC Live, together with other NARC Videos are on our YouTube channel:



73 88

David G7URP & Tammy M0TC  



Weekly CW Training by NARC, all on repeater GB3NB:

Mondays 1000 – 1100: Head Copy with Roger G3LDI. This will encompass a wide range of copying ability. i.e. 15 – 25 WPM.

Tuesdays 1000 – 1100: Higher Intermediate Class with Chris G4CCX 20 – 25 WPM

Tuesdays 2000 – 2100: Lower Intermediate Class with Jim G3YLA 10 – 15 WPM.

Thursdays 1000 – 1100: Intermediate Class with Chris G4CCX 15 – 20 WPM

Thursdays 1500 - 1600 Sending practice on ZOOM, NEW!! see below.

Thursdays 2000 – 2100: Advanced Class with Malcolm G3PDH 25 – 30 WPM

Fridays 2000 – 2100: Raw Beginners Class with Phil G4LPP which will be for just beginners, those knowing absolutely nothing up to 10 WPM

In this current climate, we hope you will appreciate that we cannot make specific plans for when we can start meeting back at CNS school.

Although NARC currently has reduced costs, as a club we still have some financial commitments to consider and meet, such as insurance and RSGB membership as well as essential equipment servicing and maintenance. With this in mind, the committee has decided to make the 2022 membership fee just £5 across the board for anyone for the year which should cover our reduced costs.

This will be the NARC "Online Membership” and we invite you to rejoin now, because in the future when we do start to meet again and have the significant additional costs of room hire etc our membership fees will immediately revert to the normal rates.

So we invite you to rejoin (or join) NARC now for 2022 and pay us ideally by direct bank transfer (be sure to use your callsign/surname as reference) - please also complete and email the membership form if you are not already current member.

(NB - As Mark asks please pay by BACS bank transfer if you possibly can because even though we are a voluntary organisation Paypal still take a significant commission) Along with the bank which also charges for Cheque payments.

Details are below or see:


Mark G0LGJ - Treasurer

(After discussion and agreement by committee)


We welcome new members of any age, gender, and ability, from complete beginners to licensed amateurs.

(Not regularly meeting during the current Covid-19 pandemic )

2022 Membership 

£5 which is classed as our online membership.

Conditions that qualify a member for concessionary membership can be found in the constitution or shown on the form

If you are a current paid-up member you do not need to complete the form again, but just pay your annual subscription using the methods below.

Ways to pay:

Pay directly to our Bank Preferred

Bank: HSBC
Name: Norfolk Amateur Radio Club
Sort Code: 402008
Account: 31432222 (this is classed as a business account - some banks ask)

IMPORTANT - please use your callsign as the reference or if you are not licensed your initial and surname and email the treasurer as below

Please use BANK Transfer if possible
Payable to "Norfolk Amateur Radio Club"

Posted to address below with a note of your name and callsign:

Mark Taylor G0LGJ
c/o NARC
6 Welden Road
NR19 2UB


Use our online shop to pay via Paypal, you will need to login to website to complete.
An additional charge incurred to cover Paypal costs.Paypal charge 2.9% + .30p per transaction. Totals £5.46

If you wish to pay direct using Paypal please pay £5.46 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - please be sure to use your callsign as a reference.

If you pay via bank transfer please inform the Membership Secretary via email and give the reference you used in your online transaction as banks do not always pass on references.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conditions that qualify a member for concessionary membership can be found in the constitution or shown on the form

join now membership button

Download and print Membership Form 2022

The RSGB are pleased to launch their new version of the RSGB EMF calculator v11d which is now available in a new browser-based version as well as the spreadsheet version. You can find both versions on our website: www.rsgb.org/emf

The web browser version does not require you to have Excel or another spreadsheet on your computer. This update includes some minor additions and corrections to the data used for Pre-Assessed Equipment Configurations (PAECs) and there are lots of new features in the browser app version.

The app runs within your web browser, so no data leaves your machine unless you create a backup and share the file.

The web app also has these great new features:

  1. It works better on phones, tablets and computers with the layout adapting to available screen space and supressing information not needed for the configuration set up
  2. It has features to save and load configurations so you can keep them all inside the app
  3. It comes preloaded with some typical configurations to get you started
  4. The tooltips are a consistent size and very clear
  5. Selecting the interactive info button makes them easier to use on tablets and phones
  6. The figures defining the exclusion zones adapt and scale with their values making their meaning much clearer
  7. You can quickly see the effect of changing parameters like power and antenna height on your compliance
  8. The available antennas change with the band selected
  9. For record keeping just click the ‘Save PDF’ button then copy the pdf, perhaps to a dedicated folder or memory stick. The PDF is effectively the record that you have conducted compliance checks

Many thanks to Oli, MM0YOS for his great work in writing the web app. We must also remember the continuing work of Ian GM3SEK, Peter G4DSE, John M0JAV and our friends in ARRL on the EMF team who derive the guidance.

Please give it a try and feedback any issues or antenna you have modelled which are not already on the system to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) welcome anyone to watch almost of their webinars free of charge and they are really good.

There are many of them produced by local IET groups and one coming up next Thursday which I thought may interest many NARC members is this one on Alan Blumlein, a prolific inventor and engineer who left a legacy of 128 patents by the time he died at just 38 years old, whilst onboard an aircraft during World War II that had been testing ground-breaking radar technology.  In the 150th anniversary year of the IET they are privileged to present a touching account by his surviving elder son, which covers the life and work of his father as well personal reflections.  Many of Alan Blumlein’s patented technologies are the antecedents of the glue that holds together much of our lives, such as in television, broadcasting, and even computers.  Arguably best known of all, Alan Blumlein invented stereo; and woven into the story are now household names such as EMI and the famous Abbey Road studios. 

You can book to watch this webinar at home here but don't leave it long as they have limited free spaces:


I hope it is of interest - search www.theiet.org  for many more


73, David G7URP



Please let me know of anything you would like to share with other members which may be of interest.




All contests listed start at 2000 Local time.
144MHz UKAC 2021
Tuesday 7th September 1900utc.
Tuesday 5th October 1900utc.
Tuesday 2nd November 2000utc.
Tuesday 7th December 2000utc.
432MHz UKAC 2021
Tuesday 14th September 1900utc.
Tuesday 12th October 1900utc.
Tuesday  9th November 2000utc.
Tuesday 14th December 2000utc.
50MHz UKAC 2021
Thursday 9th September 1900utc.
Thursday 14th October 1900utc.
Thursday 11th November 2000utc.
Thursday 9th December 2000utc.
70MHz UKAC 2021
Thursday 19th August 1900utc.
Thursday 16th September 1900utc.
Thursday 21st October 1900utc.
Thursday 18th November 2000utc.
Thursday 16th December 2000utc.
1.3GHz UKAC 2021
Tuesday 17th August 1900utc
Tuesday 21st September 1900utc.
Tuesday 19th October 1900utc.
Tuesday 16th November 2000utc.
Tuesday 21st December 2000utc.
80m Autumn CC Series 2021
Monday 6th September 1900utc  (SSB).
Wednesday 15th September 1900utc  (CW).
Thursday 23rd September 1900utc  (PSK63/RTTY).
Monday 4th October 1900utc  (CW).
Wednesday 13th October 1900utc  (PSK63/RTTY).
Thursday 28th October 1900utc  (SSB).
Monday 1st November 2000utc  ( PSK63/RTTY).
Wednesday 15th November 2000utc  (SSB).
Thursday 25th November 2000utc  (CW).
Happy contesting
73 John G8VPE
NARC / Norfolk radio activity diary (note all times are local and analogue voice unless stated)
Please let David G7URP have details of any other on-air nets or gatherings on any modes and frequencies so that we can help Norfolk stay connected and in company - my contact email address is below.
Get On The Air 2 Care!
Thank you!
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club weekly magazine show with News, Features, Guests, and Talks.
Watch, take part, ask questions, and comment live.
Streamed live in two places from 19.30 BST every Wednesday whilst the club cannot meet:

General nets - run by groups, clubs and individuals but EVERYONE WELCOME!
Daily informal net: 08.30  145.450MHz (also other times during the day)
Waveney Wireless net MX0WRR, Daily at 0900 on 145.425MHz (Brockdish)
Monday night informal net: 19.30 GB3NB repeater
Monday 80m CW Net on 20.30  3545kHz (CW straight key on last Monday of the month)
Tuesdays 19.00-20.00 on 144.290MHz Vertical only USB (KLARC)
Thursdays 19.30 on GB3YL - Stay safe, Stay Alert net with M1TES (GOTA2C)
Thursday 19.30 on 144.350MHz SSB (Steve 2E0SZD)
Thursdays 19.30 on 145.500 usually moving to 145.400MHz (Bittern DX net - everyone welcome)
Friday NARC contest net: 20.00 on 145.250MHz FM
Sundays 16.00 on 28.550MHz USB 10m net with James M0ZAH and Tony G0MQG
Sundays GB2RS news: 19.00  on 145.625MHz (GB3NB repeater)
Sundays 19.00-20.00 on GB3KY (KLARC net run by Ben 2E0TKK open to all)
Useful repeaters
GB3NB: Input 145.025MHz: Output 145.625Mhz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB7NM: Input 145.1375Mhz Output 145.7375 DSTAR / Fusion (Connected to REF 1C / Hubnet)
GB7ND: Input: 430.4125MHz Output 439.4125 MHz  DMR TG840 local Repeaters E Anglia Talk Group
GB3NR: Input 434.600Mhz Output 433.000Mhz CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode FM Voice
GB3NZ: Input 145.000MHz: Output 145.600MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: Mode Narrow FM voice
GB3KY: Input 145.1125 MHz: Output 145.7125MHz: CTCSS 94.8Hz: covering Kings Lynn area
GB3VW: Input 430.7875 Mhz: Output 438.3875 Mhz: CTCSS 82.5Hz: Narrow FM covering East Norwich - local mardles!
UK ALL-STAR Subnet: 24 hours 145.600Mhz (via GB3NZ repeater - digital voice)
Morse Training GB2CW broadcasts
Mondays: Head copy class  with G3LDI on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.250 at 1000
Tuesdays: Beginners Morse at 25wpm with G3YLA on 145.625 at 2000
Thursdays: Coffee Break Morse with G4CCX on 145.625 at 1000
Thursdays: Advanced Morse with G3PDH on 145.625 at 2000
Fridays: Morse from scratch with Phil G4LPP on 145.250MHz at 2000 - NEW - Morse teaching for absolute beginners
Lockdown Morse - an in-line course by Matt M0PTO. Find it on YouTube or www.facebook.com/lockdownmorse


Other contests

For more information on other contests see the weekly contest news from John G8VPE.

Koblenz sked - monthly; second saturday in the month
Second Saturday of each month at 10am local - 7.135MHz + local talk in on 145.250MHz
Over to you...
If you know of a Norfolk on-air net, repeater, or anything else you would like us to share so that others can join in the company, please let us know and we will help publicise it. It can be any net or general interest and not necessarily anything to do with NARC or even just Norfolk.
73, David G7URP   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
200414 RSGB PowerPoint Slide_GOTA2C_v2_3840 x 2160.jpg


Hi if you need to purchase from the shop or post on the forum you will need to login to the website. If you do not have a login please register with us.Click one of the buttons below to start the process.
Your login will normally be your callsign.


Coming Soon



NARC are afflitated to the RSGB
Regional and National Winners of Club of the Year 2015

Lottery Funded

Lottery funding enabled NARC to purchase direction finding equipment for training, competitions and as a fun family introduction to amateur radio

Committee Links

Use the links below to contact us

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Exam Sec

NARC Training 2020

Amateur Radio Training with NARC

Training is very important to NARC because we realise this is how new people come into the hobby and attain their Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Amateur Radio licenses.
We are pleased to offer courses which are based on demand and our programme of other events and activities. To register your interest for a course and exam please email your name and contact details, together with which level of training course you are waiting for,  to the Club Exam Secretary David Palmer G7URP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club meetings


During the current Covid-19 pandemic when the club cannot physically meet, the club now broadcasts its own magazine show NARC Live! every Wednesday with news, features and guests.
It is streamed online live from 19.30 BST at the following places:

• Facebook Live:

• BATC Streaming service:

The club meets virtually every Wednesday throughout the year in the sixth form centre of the City of Norwich School, Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP from 1900-2130.

We welcome anyone of any age, gender or ability and who enjoys experimenting with radio and electronics to come and meet us and see what we do in our hobby.

Please see above ONLINE tab for details of the club programme and below this piece for contacts of club official.

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