Monday 15th November
2m FM Voice net on GB3NB:
Starts at 19.30 every Monday on Repeater GB3NB and everyone is welcome:
22nd: John M0VCX
29th: Tim M1MIT
20th: Nigel  2E0NLK
If you enjoy this net, please volunteer to run one just occasionally.
Please contact either Tim M1MIT or David G7URP.
CW net
Every Monday at 20.30 on 80m 3.543MHz (straight key operation on the last Monday of the month)
Wednesday 24th November - NARC Live
A great insight into the Norfolk team they call "The Demolition Gang" explaining why it is called that and what happens behind the scenes with Sonny M0SYW and Paul G4ZBA.
Recording of the NARC Live on ICNIRP: 10th November
Our ICNIRP VHF special is available to watch again here:
DID YOU KNOW... That we upload our studio digital recording to YouTube on Thursdays in High Definition, but for you to watch in HD you have to wait until YouTube have finished processing it and you also need to set your YouTube viewer to HD - usually located under the Cog Wheel at the bottom of the window. ou will see things in better quality than standard definition, especially talks which have photographs and other Hires images like last weeks show.
About NARC Live!
NARC Live! is a weekly amateur radio show which during the pandemic is how the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club gets together every week to keep everyone in touch.
It is broadcast live very Wednesday night at 19.30 and is hosted and produced by David Palmer G7URP and Tammy Palmer M0TC for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club as well as any other radio amateurs who are interested. For more details about our club please visit:
Contact details for anything for NARC Live: David G7URP & Tammy M0TC - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch live on either Facebook or BATC live every Wednesday evening - everyone welcome not just NARC members:

NARC Live starts at 19.30 on Facebook:  (note that our Facebook page also has every previous episode of NARC Live to play back)

and live on BATC:  


Recent recordings of some NARC Live, together with other NARC Videos are on our YouTube channel:


73 88

David G7URP & Tammy M0TC  



Weekly CW Training by NARC, all on repeater GB3NB:

Mondays 1000 – 1100: Head Copy with Roger G3LDI. This will encompass a wide range of copying ability. i.e. 15 – 25 WPM.

Tuesdays 1000 – 1100: Higher Intermediate Class with Chris G4CCX 20 – 25 WPM

Tuesdays 2000 – 2100: Lower Intermediate Class with Jim G3YLA 10 – 15 WPM.

Thursdays 1000 – 1100: Intermediate Class with Chris G4CCX 15 – 20 WPM

Thursdays 1500 - 1600 Sending practice on ZOOM, NEW!! see below.

Thursdays 2000 – 2100: Advanced Class with Malcolm G3PDH 25 – 30 WPM

Fridays 2000 – 2100: Raw Beginners Class with Phil G4LPP which will be for just beginners, those knowing absolutely nothing up to 10 WPM