I have been contacted by the children of the late Ronald Alderson to see if any NARC members would be intersted in purchasing any of his equipment.

Carol writes....

My father was interested in radio from an early age and in later years was a keen amateur radio enthusiast and a member of the North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group which used to meet at Muckleburgh. He was later made an honorary member of the group in recognition of his contribution to the group over many years.
Aside from my father's transceivers (Icom 7600 and Icom 7400), the Vhf antenna (2.70m, dual-band, co-linear), the SGC smart tuner, the microphone and so on, there is a large collection of meters, including an Avometer model 8, an AC multimeter TM2, test gear including an AUTEK RF analyst, a Maplin MF1000 frequency counter, an iambic key, morse keys, power supplies, oscillators, a variable inductor, capacitors, and various components including adaptors, valves and so on.  There may be other hidden treasures that I have not listed here too! Additionally, there are magazines and some books on the subject of radio and electronics. 
We also have a Myford ML7 metal lathe for sale.
We would be delighted to find someone who is a keen amateur radio enthusiast themselves and who would be interested in some of this equipment. With the exception of the transceivers and a few items of obvious value, we are looking for reasonable donations only for most of the items.
Viewing may be arranged by appointment only. Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her on07341 852910
73, David G7URP