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This Wednesdays NARC Live features Hans Summers G0UPL of QRP Labs coming to us live from his home in Turkey to tell us all about his new QDX low cost 10m, 20m, 40m, 80m Digital transceiver kit - all for around £60! As always you will be able to ask questions

As well as this we ask you to send your news, pics and views and also send in your answers to What on Earth is this by 3pm Wednesdays.


As always we are live from 19.30 on:






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See you 7.30pm!


Tammy M0TC & David G7URP


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NARC Contest News (35) Friday 27th May 2022.

Welcome to week thirty five of NARC’s contest news.

Note, NARC contest net takes place every Friday evening at 9pm clock time on 145.250MHz. This is a useful place to exchange contest information and get help with logging and station setup issues etc.

We are always on the lookout for new contesters to add to our team and welcome people of any ability who either wish to add their score to ours or develop their skills.

Last year we came first in the local club section of the CC contest series and also first in the RSGB Autumn series. We hope to repeat these successes and add to them this year.

The results of the 432MHz UKAC from 10/3/2022 were published on 21st May. NARC did well again moving up to 14th place for this series and remaining inn 10th place for the overall UKAC.

The 70MHz UKAC took place on Thursday 19th May. There were two entries from NARC of 111 submitted logs - conditions were reasonably good and activity was better than expected.

The main VHF contest activity this week was the May 144 MHz test on Saturday and Sunday (21st and 22nd). Conditions were again quite reasonable with 112 logs submitted, 3 from NARC all in the 6 hour section.

The results of the 80m DATA CC contest of 18/5/2022 were published on 26th May. Once again an excellent win for NARC increasing our overall lead in the Local Clubs section to over 45,000 points ahead of our nearest rival Bristol. Great work!

Thursday 26th saw the latest CW leg of the CCs take place. There were 17 entries from NARC members with at least 11 scores over 100. Once again it looks likely we've taken this leg too!

Contest reports are always appreciated from any club members.

Upcoming contests in the next 2 weeks:-


Before each of the 2m and 70cm UKACs there is an FM leg starting 1 hour before for 55 minutes. I hear almost no activity in this from here but others may have more luck! Rules etc on RSGBCC site.

Sun 29th May 1400-1600 70MHz Cumulatives No.3
Wed 1st June 1900-2100 144MHz FT8 AC
Sat 4th June 1300 for 24h UKSMG 50MHz Summer Es contest see ( http://uksmg.org/summer-contest-rules.php )
Tue 7th June 1900-2130 144MHz UKAC
Wed 8th June 1900-2100 432MHz FT8 AC
Thu 9th June 1900-2130 50MHz UKAC

Also of interest for some on the vhf / uhf bands are the EU FT8 activity tests - see the following link for more information. These are on the first (144 MHz), second (432MHz) and third (1.3GHz) wednesdays of each month. 1700-2000 Hrs EU FT8 series website https://ft8activity.eu/index.php/en/


Sat 28th May 0000 for 24h CQ WW WPX Contest, CW - see WA7BNM
Mon 30th May 1900-2030 RSGB FT4 Contest
Fri 3rd June 0000 for 72 Hours PODXS 070 Club Three Day Weekend Contest - see WA7BNM
Fri 3rd June 0001 to 5th June at 2359 FISTS Royal Platinum Jubilee Weekend Celebration - see WA7BNM
Sat 4th June 1500 for 24h National Field Day CW (as you may be aware the club has not been able to enter this year)
Sat 4th June 1500 for 24h IARU region 1 field day CW
Mon 6th June 1900-2030 80m CC DATA

Wednesdays throughout the year, CW ops 1 hour mini tests 13:00, 19:00, Thurs 03:00 and 07:00, exchange Name and G if not a member or CWOPS number if you are a member.
See CWOPS website for more details.
Also on Fridays 2000 to 2100 and Mondays 0000 to 0100 each week CWops runs the K1USN slow speed CW contests. Any speed up to 20wpm is acceptable. For rules see :- CW OPs SST page this contest is open to anyone.

All RSGB contest rules and further details plus log submission at RSGB contest site
Look to WA7BNM’s contest calendar for other contests and links to rules etc at WA7BNM weekly contest calendar
A link to John 2E0TWQ’s site’s Narc contest history page - 2E0TWQ's NARC contest results page

Submissions or comments for this news to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

73 until next week,

Phil G4LPP

GB2CW Morse Corner Week ending 20.05.22

David M7BLX.
It's always good to hear how students are progressing and I am pleased to report on David M7BLX and his progress with CW
David has been learning CW for the past year or two in the classes and making good progress. He has joined FISTS and SKCC to help with this, a very good idea and something we promote. Using just a straight key thus far. David is having QSOs on 40m with other FISTS members and although nervous at first ( we all suffered that at first! ) he is gradually gaining confidence and making more contacts. ALthough limited to 10w he is finding it pretty easy to make QSOs. So if you hear David on 40m do give him a call and engage him in conversation. His contacts at the moment are standard basic exchanges, but conversation will come eventually.
Well done David and keep up the good work. To quote Punch: That's the way to do it!


Morse keys galore at Dayton.
There were two or three booths devoted to Morse keys at the Hamfest this year. Every key could be tried, set out in line on the tables. This is exactly the way to encourage people to try and buy. Seeing a key in a glass case is useless really, unless you already know that you want that particular key. It is essential to try them before making up your mind about any key. There can be a number of reasons why you choose a certain key, ranging from shape, action in the case of straight keys, single or twin lever when looking at paddles to even the appeal of the design and colour, not to mention price which is a defining condition itself. However, when buying a key, don't go for the cheapest. You will be using it (hopefully!) every day and if it is uncomfortable to use, incorrect action, or whatever, you will be cursing the day you bought it!
Take a look at the Utubes from the Hamfest and you will see the Morse key stands and see exactly what I mean.
There are others available, plus you will see the booths of CWOPS and the RSGB with Andy M0NKR, Laura M0LJG and Chris G0DWV manning the stand.

 The picture below shows the Vibroplex stand at the show.



*From the archives... 15 Years Ago in the SKCC Group*

Best Straight Key ?? [by KC8IPQ]

Amplidan Drawings [by NT9K}

Any using a Navy Flame Proof 26003A key? [by W2BLC]

Sending short SKCC numbers. [by N1AS]

Sending technique with a straight key is very important, using the limp wrist method. Holding the key is also very important, as is having a straight key with a cupboard door knob. Having a skirt on the key allows you to hold the key correctly. Self taught operators never end up with proper control over the key. If you hear QLF from the person you are talking to you will know why!


Classes will recommence on Monday October 10th. The first class will be my headcopy class at 1000 local time on GB3NB. I hope there will be more joining the class in October.
Nothing new to report this week so the table is as follows:

 Screenshot 2022 05 26 at 16.39.21

I guess everybody is too busy in the garden or doing antenna work to bother with sitting in the shack practising! The autumn term will find you out, so beware!


Send your new score to Jim G3YLA by Thursday evening at the latest. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It would be nice to see some more new entries in this table.



cw ops logo
If you are interested in joining CW OPS, take part in a few of the hourly events on a Wednesday and see how you get on. If you are not quite up to that hectic speed, try the slower speed events.
Go to:
There is plenty here to read. You might like to join the CW OPS Academy and do an online CW course. It's a great way to improve your CW or even start from scratch. Numerous awards are available, and you will be joining like-minded people from around the world.
YOu could join in with the SLOW SPEED contests. Go to this page and have a read:
Plenty here to keep you busy too! You might now be into CW contesting, having been nervous about jumping in at the deep end with the QRQ gang. This provides great practice to become familiar with the whole thing, contest protocol, contest programs and so on. Be careful though, you might catch the bug and I don't mean Covid!
You can join in the fun without being a member of CWOPS and it is great practice for the RSGB CC series too. It will hone your operating skills and it is a lot of fun. Once you get known and can operate at around 25wpm + you might even be nominated for membership.
This week we had good attendances on all four sessions. Even the 4 a.m. one had three of us, Peter M0RYB, Mike G4DYC and myself.
It would be good to see a few more join in the NARC Net on 3543 on Monday evenings at 2030 local time. It is there mainly to provide practice for those who are capable of having a QSO and wish to increase their skill set. Netting and Net procedure and protocol is adhered to and Net Control is assumed on a rotor basis. Try it, you might even like it! This is continuing through the summer so please try to join in. We adjust our speed according to the lowest on the net.
Does anybody actually read this? If you do then why not join the CW net and get some real amateur radio under your belt.
Useful frequencies.
We were talking about contesters causing QRM to Net frequencies and Jim kindly sent a list of those regular frequencies. Obviously if the frequency is not being used, it is fair game, but do be aware that they are there. This list will also be useful for those looking for a chat, normally at reasonably slow speed. FISTS have a ladder which can be quite addictive and provides great practice, plus they are not speed merchants, sending around 15wpm, so quite pedestrian. However, it does give you a means of having conversational Morse and get used to a longer type of QSO.



The list above is quite old ( 2013 ) but still on the web site, so must be OK.

GQRP club


That's it, open the cage, play the music.
If you have any input, please email me.

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May the Morse be with you.


HF News

The solar flux index remained above 130 last week, being at 137 on Thursday as this report was prepared. It peaked at 165 on Sunday and reached a massive 180 on Wednesday the 18th.

All this means that DX is workable on the upper HF bands with the 3D2RRR DXpedition on Rotuma Island near Fiji being chased from the UK. A little closer to home, V51WW in Namibia has also been putting in an appearance.

Sporadic-E has also seen some short-skip signals from Europe on 10 metres, but we haven’t seen many rock-crushingly strong signals as yet.

The Sun remains very active with a ​​CME associated with an M1.3 flare detected around region 3016 at 18:24 UTC on Wednesday, May 25.

The bulk of the plasma released was off the Sun-Earth line, although closer examination revealed a fainter Earth-directed component was evident and could sweep past Earth within 48-72 hours. If correct, this means the Kp index may rise this weekend.

Coronal mass ejections remain a risk to HF propagation with a massive one on the far side of the Sun being observed on May 24th. We have been lucky last week with the Kp index generally in the ones and twos, that is, indicating settled geomagnetic conditions. But I think it is only a matter of time before we get hit with a “big one”, which could cause disruption and a general reduction in maximum usable frequencies.

Next week, NOAA predicts that the SFI may decline into the 130s or even 120s. In fact, by June 5th it thinks it will be at a low of 114 before rising again.

Luckily, NOAA also predicts that the Kp index will remain low. This will help the ionosphere develop and should bring good conditions. However, we issue a caution that a single Earth-directed CME could put paid to low Kp indices and bring disruption. As always, keep an eye on solarham.com for updates.

VHF and up

The next period of weather is dominated by high pressure, although not in exactly the right place for good Tropo conditions everywhere. The main position of the high will tend to drift away to the northwest, which leaves room for a cool northerly pattern over most areas. This will probably confine the best Tropo conditions to the southwestern half of the UK.

Elsewhere, the main weather type will include summer showers, possibly heavy, and likely to be of interest for rain scatter activity. Showers in a cold northerly airmass are usually strictly diurnal, so rain scatter prospects are for the afternoon and early evenings.

Sporadic-E is showing good signs of coming to life and we are starting to hear limited openings for traditional CW/SSB QSOs and more widespread activity for digital modes. Some promising multi-hop paths have been seen to Asia in the mornings and the States and the Caribbean in the evenings.

This week contains potentially the most exciting meteor shower of the year - the Tau Herculids shower, associated with Comet 73P and discovered in 1930, appears early during Monday night into Tuesday morning.

In 1995 the comet was seen to suddenly brighten. This was discovered as being due to its nucleus starting to break up, creating a debris cloud. Comet 73P orbits the Sun at 5.4-year intervals. The Earth next crosses its orbit on the night of May 30, into the morning of May 31.

It is due to peak in the UK at about 0500 UTC on the 31st.

Depending on how the nucleus started to eject debris, we may have a spectacular shower or something that is, at best, disappointing. As it will be light in Europe during the peak the visual display may not be very impressive, but the possibility for a radio reflection shower must be strong. This is one to look for, as a meteor scatter enthusiast.

The new Moon occurs on the 31st May and illumination will be low all the following week.

A maximum declination of +28.1 degrees occurs on the 2nd, and this also coincides with the greatest distance from Earth to Moon, which in turn means the highest path loss.

From experience, this should still be a good week for EME on the microwave bands despite the path loss. The VHF EME bands will suffer noise from the proximity of the Moon to the Sun for the first few days of the week.

Hi all we have a number of badges collecting at NARC.

We will take them to Barford also if not collected from our next
meeting on the June 8th at CNS of if
you would like them posted please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NARC Events:


Sunday July 3rd: Barford Norfolk Radio Rally @ Barford Village Hall open visitors 0900-1300 (traders arrive from 0800) (organiser David G7URP)

Sunday July 10th: Radio by the Seaside @ Beach Car Park, Water Lane West Runton from 10am (organiser David G7URP)

Sunday July 17th: Weeting Steam Festival with Public amateur radio display  (organiser Andy M0NKR)

Wednesday meetings:

June 1: NARC Live online featuring QRP Labs new QDX Digital TxRx with Hans G0UPL

June 8: Meeting at CNS School - social plus informal round table discussion (subject suggestion welcome!)

June 15: Meeting at CNS - Table Top Sale (free to members - just £5 membership for rest of 2022!)

June 22: NARC Live online featuring an update on Solar Cycle 25 with Carl K9LA

June 29: Meeting at CNS School with social and an informal round table look at how to use the oscilloscope with Tony G0MQG. As well as the meeting at CNS there is also a Friendly foxhunt which starts from Thorpe Recreation Ground at 19.00

July 6: Meeting at CNS School - social plus informal round table discussion (subject suggestions welcome!)

July 13: NARC Live online featuring a talk on Battery Technology with Bill G4ERV

July 20: NARC Live online featuring ‘N1MM setup and config’ with Kevan N4XL

July 27: Meeting at CNS School with social there plus Trophy foxhunt from Thorpe Recreation Ground

August 3: NARC Live online featuring Eric Schwartz WA6HHQ - the man behind Elecraft

August 10: Meeting at CNS School - social plus informal round table discussion (subject suggestions welcome!)

August 17: NARC Live online featuring ‘The use of RIBs on Expeditions’ with Hal W8HC

August 24: Meeting at CNS School - social plus informal round table discussion (subject suggestions welcome!)

August 31: NARC Live online featuring talk on Ham Radio Deluxe

• CNS meetings are in the sixth form common room at City of Norwich School, Eaton Rd, Norwich from 19.00 - 21.00
• NARC Live is an online club show streamed live at 19.30 to the clubs BATC and Facebook pages:

Watch live on BATC:


Or watch on Facebook Live:




If you missed a NARC Live we now we record most shows in the studio and upload them to Youtube within 2 days. So you can watch almost any previous recorded NARC Live show by going to YouTube, searching for "Norfolk ARC", click on Videos and choose the programme you want to watch. https://www.youtube.com/c/norfolkamateurradio/videos

See www.norfolkamatuerradio.org for details





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